Atlas Siderea

Mankind has just learned the secrets of faster-than-light travel and is beginning its exploration and colonization of the stars. The colony ship Horizon, along with a flotilla of support ships is bound for δ Fafnir, a solar twin in the Aril Cluster that is known to have a band of four Earth-sized planets in its habitable zone. Also accompanying the ship are scores of small franchise ships, independent merchants and traders, fighters and freebooters; all of them looking to make a fortune or a name for themselves on worlds no humans have gone to before.

Atlas Siderea is a science fiction campaign using an experimental set of rules based on the award-winning RPG, Chronica Feudalis by up-and-coming game designer Jeremy J. Keller. 1

The setting is designed primarily through random rolls on several tables created specifically for this game, as interpreted and expanded upon by the GM. Two groups of players are presently exploring it.

1 I am not him.

Atlas Siderea