Atlas Siderea

Atlas Session 2

Dinking Around with the Trade System!

Star Date 4300.6.1.4

After Ulysses makes a number of impressive and daring piloting maneuvers to impress the local population, the Haphazard lands on Aleafinctus, near the launch site of an Aleafinctan space probe. They are greeted by a delegation, and open up trade negotiations, which ultimately led nowhere.1

Meanwhile, Han Yojiimbo grew bored with these proceedings and decided to explore the mainland. As the native population is aquatic, they had not penetrated deep into the landmass, and most of it was unspoiled wilderness. However, the samurai botanist discovered a trail that led him to a great waterfall—where it suddenly disappeared. Waiting until nightfall, he saw an Aleafinctan approach (using one of the bipedal vehicles they use to move about on land) and a holographic section of the cliff face opened up. Ominous aliens came out to greet the Aleafinctan . . .

1 Apparently, the trade mechanics are not working. The characters were unable to trade their advanced Manufactured Goods for Foodstuffs, which the Aleafinctans have in abundance.



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