Atlas Siderea

Jaded Session 1

The Doom of Space Tahiti

Star Date 4300.1.1.1

The crew of the BOB arrived on the edge of the β Chalcihuitlicue System, and after making a standard sweep of the system, discovered radio transmissions emerging from Duén, one of the two moons in orbit around the gas giant β Chalcihuitlicue c. They activated their stealth screen and set a course for Duén, arriving there within a couple of hours.

Upon establishing orbit around the moon, they monitored satellite communications and learned that it was inhabited by the Duendé, an apparently friendly but primitive people who had only begun their information revolution. After some discussion, the decision was made to land the vessel at the apparent planetary capitol, and make contact. One of the crew members would disguise himself as a Duendé in order to alieveate suspicions.

Unfortunately, none of the crew were particularly experienced pilots, and Khan Karnage’s attempt to land impressively in the middle of a city did not pan out. Mistakes were made and a clocktower was toppled into a market square. Dr. Glenfardas Samuel Burrows rushed out into the streets to assist the injured. Eventually, the situation was calmed, and Khan Karnage arranged a meeting with the Select Committee of the Council of Elders.

After the meeting with the elders smoothed things over, the crew of the BOB decided that they would trade technology to the Duendé for some of their abaundant resources. The result was that a month was spent advancing their technology by a generation, and the hold of the BOB was filled with precious metals and luxury goods (which the Duendé have in abundance).

Before the BOB could depart, they were asked by the Select Committee to act as judges for the Moon Race, a friendly competition among the various clans to see who could be the first to land a Duendé on Duén’s sister moon. Finding the request quaint, the crew agreed, and took the Select Committee into orbit around the smaller moon to observe events.

While orbiting the moon the crew observed a small, downed alien craft on the far side. They decided to wait until after the Moon Race to investigate further, as they did not want to land on the moon’s surface prior to their hosts. However, as soon as the last Duendé vessel had begun its return to Duén, the crew of the BOB whisked their passengers back to the larger moon and then returned to investigate.

What they found was small scout or fighter vessel of highly-advanced, obviously alien design. Inside was a Xibalban corpse. Dr. Burrows activated the ship’s systems whereupon a distress beacon began to transmit. The good doctor was able to disable it a short while later.

However, the crew determined that it would be best to depart from the system, and did so while attempting to mask their trail. They set up a rendezvous near the colony ship, and Dr. Burrows stayed back to retrofit the alien craft, now renamed the Weave, and the rest returned to the colony ship to use their hold full of precious metals and luxury goods to purchase a larger ship with a shuttle bay that would carry the Weave. The crew named the new ship the BOB as well.

During the BOB’s sojourn on the colony ship, an unknown person broke into the ship and copied its navigational logs. At the same time, the Weave picked up a Xibalban battlegroup approaching. Cmdr. Nicholas Vitterol (ret.) came up with a plan by which the Weave led the alien fleet to a rendezvous point where it would not detect the colony ship. At that point, the new BOB took the Weave into its shuttle bay, activated its stealth screen, and managed to sneak away.



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