Atlas Siderea

Jaded Session 2

Moon Menace

Star Date 4300.4.5.1

The officers of the Bob return to the β Chalcihuitlicue System to investigate what has happened in their absence. They discover that the system has been overrun by a Xibalban invasion force, and see that the alien invaders have been building a base on Duén’s sister moon from which they can control the region and govern the Duendé homeworld.

Leaving the Bob behind, the officers take the Weave to the smaller moon, landing incognito. They leave Crewman Todd with the away vessel. The landing party infiltrates the moon base, fighting their way to its arsenal. They appropriate a nuclear warhead, which they arm and after a running gun battle, manage to deposit it in the moon base’s main reactor. They return to the Weave as the warhead detonates, destroying the moon base.

Following a rendezvous with the Bob, the crew sets a course for Gree in the α Bahamut System, hoping to recruit the Greebo into the fight against the Xibalbans. Upon arriving, though, they are discover that that star system is also under enemy dominion, this time by a different alien species.

Hoping to provoke an all out war between the Xibalbans and the new aliens, the officers take the Weave into the range of a massive Cyst Ship, hoping to plant a homing beacon originally recovered with the derelict Weave. The plan goes awry, and the officers are captured and awaken in the darkness on examination tables. They are able to find their way back through the network of damp caverns making up the interior of the Cyst Ship, with the guidance of a brilliant white stag that only Dr. Burrows can see. When the officers arrive back at their ship, they find that Crewman Todd is nowhere to be seen.

They plan a rescue.



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