Atlas Siderea

Atlas Group Session 1

Alpha Aril

Star Date 4300.6.1.1

The Haphazards_ arrived on the edge of the α Aril star system, where its crew picked up the signal emitted by a primitive stellar probe. They determined that the probe is relaying information to Aleafinctus, a small moon resting in the barycenter(astronomy) of the binary gas giants Alea and Finctus. The party decides to approach Aleafinctus to learn more.

As the ship approaches Aleafinctus, the crew detected radio and television transmissions from the moon, and learned that the inhabitants are aliens are an undersea civilization numbering in the billions, and who have a taste for shrill music and colorful, boisterously bizarre entertainment.

The ship enters orbit over the moon, and taps into a signal that the crew of the _Haphazard believe will transmit directly to the Aleafinctan space program. They beam a message, specially prepared in the Aleafinctan style, through this signal only to discover that they in fact have connected to the video-phone of an elderly Aleafinctan and his grandson. They cut the transmission, but learned from planetary news programming that a recording of their transmission has gone viral.



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