Atlas Siderea

Atlas Sessions 4 and 5
Space Fights!

Star Date 4300.6.1.7

Nervous about the aliens they have discovered on the planet, the crew of the Haphazard films an “autopsy video” that they hope only conspiracy theorists and the mysterious Aleafinctan that they saw fleeing from the caverns will pay attention to. They hope to flush the suspected traitor out of hiding. The plan backfires, as the Aleafinctans believe the video, leaving the crew with their second viral video sensation in less than a week.

The crew arranges for and meets with the generals of the Aleafinctan defense forces ans share the information they have obtained. The Aleafinctans begin a recovery effort at the collapsed underground complex.

At that time, the sensors on the Haphazard begin to pick up advanced communication signals being beamed into the Aleafinctan capital, Aleafi. The crew takes their ship into space, and detects three small alien vessels hiding in the asteroid belt orbiting the twin gas giants Alea and Finctus. They move to intercept the vessels, and in an initial battle are disable by one ship and destroy another. An alien boarding party attempts to gain control of the Haphazard, but are ultimately repelled in a bloody firefight through the corridors of the vessel. Shadow manages to restart the ship’s engines, and a temporary escape is made.

The reprieve is short-lived, however, as the third alien vessel moves in for the kill. However, after some shooting and fancy flying, the third vessel is destroyed when crushed between two asteroids.

The Haphazard then chases down the remaining alien vessel, whose crew was decimated during the boarding action, and gains control after a their own boarding action. Investigating the vessel, Orchid and Lucius-555 find the “engine room” of the vessel, along with a crew of some ten or so enslaved Reynar. Orchid manages to download much of the data of the alien vessel to the Haphazard’s computers.

Jaded Session 2
Moon Menace

Star Date 4300.4.5.1

The officers of the Bob return to the β Chalcihuitlicue System to investigate what has happened in their absence. They discover that the system has been overrun by a Xibalban invasion force, and see that the alien invaders have been building a base on Duén’s sister moon from which they can control the region and govern the Duendé homeworld.

Leaving the Bob behind, the officers take the Weave to the smaller moon, landing incognito. They leave Crewman Todd with the away vessel. The landing party infiltrates the moon base, fighting their way to its arsenal. They appropriate a nuclear warhead, which they arm and after a running gun battle, manage to deposit it in the moon base’s main reactor. They return to the Weave as the warhead detonates, destroying the moon base.

Following a rendezvous with the Bob, the crew sets a course for Gree in the α Bahamut System, hoping to recruit the Greebo into the fight against the Xibalbans. Upon arriving, though, they are discover that that star system is also under enemy dominion, this time by a different alien species.

Hoping to provoke an all out war between the Xibalbans and the new aliens, the officers take the Weave into the range of a massive Cyst Ship, hoping to plant a homing beacon originally recovered with the derelict Weave. The plan goes awry, and the officers are captured and awaken in the darkness on examination tables. They are able to find their way back through the network of damp caverns making up the interior of the Cyst Ship, with the guidance of a brilliant white stag that only Dr. Burrows can see. When the officers arrive back at their ship, they find that Crewman Todd is nowhere to be seen.

They plan a rescue.

Atlas Session 3
The Caves of Madness!

Stardate 4300.6.1.5

Han Yojimbo flees from the clearing and releases Johneric, a notorious but charismatic pirate captain, from the ship’s brig. He instructs Johneric to take the ship into orbit over Aleafinctus and, once the other members of the crew ask what is happening, proceeds to scour the ship’s computer for any mention of the aliens he saw below. He finds mention of a hostile encounter with a heavily damaged vessel crewed by the same aliens.

Lucius-555, the ship’s gunner then attempts to scan the planetary surface with the ship’s weapons targeting system, looking for any sign of the alien presence reported by Han Yojimbo, in the process setting off defensive alarms all over the planet. Concerned hails begin to pour in from Aleafinctan stations all over the moon. Shadow, the uplifted squirrel monkey, arrives on the scene after having been awakened from a monkey-whiskey-induced slumber. Shadow promptly scans the surface and detects the holographic cliff face reported by Han Yojimbo. A landing party is assembled, with Han Yojimbo stating that as bodyguard for Ulysses E. Li, he could not permit his charge to enter such a dangerous location. Instead, those two remain aboard the ship, as Ulysses E. Li executes a daring drop-and-fly maneuver.

A battle ensues as two of the aliens emerge from the holographically camouflaged cavern while an Aleafinctan in a bipedal land walker goes bounding away from the cavern into the jungle. The landing party, which consists of Shadow, Johneric, and Lucius-555 are able to overcome the resistance and enter the cavern.

Braving the depths of the dark and mist-filled tunnels, the landing party begins to hear whispers in alien language. When they attempt to run the words through their universal translator discover that there is no actual sound. They find a large chamber filled with numerous branching tunnels and hear echoing Aleafinctan screams. The chamber is filled with alien computers and technology, and at the center of it is a large squid-like, tree-like fungoid. The whispering became louder near the tree and Shadow opened her mind to it, attempting contact.

Shadow succeeded, apparently tapping into the collective consciousness of the aliens. The intrepid squirrel monkey engineer was rewarded with visions of conquests and tortures, and of a vague, nefarious plot against Aleafinctus. However, as a result, Shadow was rendered temporarily mad by the incessant babbling of alien voices in her head and the aliens were alerted to their presence.

The landing party could hear the stilted running of masses of aliens coming in their direction. Lucius-555 blasted the alien tree into green goo, prompting disoriented shrieks and screams, and the party fled back to the surface, collapsing tunnels behind them and had the ship blast the entrance closed.

Atlas Session 2
Dinking Around with the Trade System!

Star Date 4300.6.1.4

After Ulysses makes a number of impressive and daring piloting maneuvers to impress the local population, the Haphazard lands on Aleafinctus, near the launch site of an Aleafinctan space probe. They are greeted by a delegation, and open up trade negotiations, which ultimately led nowhere.1

Meanwhile, Han Yojiimbo grew bored with these proceedings and decided to explore the mainland. As the native population is aquatic, they had not penetrated deep into the landmass, and most of it was unspoiled wilderness. However, the samurai botanist discovered a trail that led him to a great waterfall—where it suddenly disappeared. Waiting until nightfall, he saw an Aleafinctan approach (using one of the bipedal vehicles they use to move about on land) and a holographic section of the cliff face opened up. Ominous aliens came out to greet the Aleafinctan . . .

1 Apparently, the trade mechanics are not working. The characters were unable to trade their advanced Manufactured Goods for Foodstuffs, which the Aleafinctans have in abundance.

Jaded Session 1
The Doom of Space Tahiti

Star Date 4300.1.1.1

The crew of the BOB arrived on the edge of the β Chalcihuitlicue System, and after making a standard sweep of the system, discovered radio transmissions emerging from Duén, one of the two moons in orbit around the gas giant β Chalcihuitlicue c. They activated their stealth screen and set a course for Duén, arriving there within a couple of hours.

Upon establishing orbit around the moon, they monitored satellite communications and learned that it was inhabited by the Duendé, an apparently friendly but primitive people who had only begun their information revolution. After some discussion, the decision was made to land the vessel at the apparent planetary capitol, and make contact. One of the crew members would disguise himself as a Duendé in order to alieveate suspicions.

Unfortunately, none of the crew were particularly experienced pilots, and Khan Karnage’s attempt to land impressively in the middle of a city did not pan out. Mistakes were made and a clocktower was toppled into a market square. Dr. Glenfardas Samuel Burrows rushed out into the streets to assist the injured. Eventually, the situation was calmed, and Khan Karnage arranged a meeting with the Select Committee of the Council of Elders.

After the meeting with the elders smoothed things over, the crew of the BOB decided that they would trade technology to the Duendé for some of their abaundant resources. The result was that a month was spent advancing their technology by a generation, and the hold of the BOB was filled with precious metals and luxury goods (which the Duendé have in abundance).

Before the BOB could depart, they were asked by the Select Committee to act as judges for the Moon Race, a friendly competition among the various clans to see who could be the first to land a Duendé on Duén’s sister moon. Finding the request quaint, the crew agreed, and took the Select Committee into orbit around the smaller moon to observe events.

While orbiting the moon the crew observed a small, downed alien craft on the far side. They decided to wait until after the Moon Race to investigate further, as they did not want to land on the moon’s surface prior to their hosts. However, as soon as the last Duendé vessel had begun its return to Duén, the crew of the BOB whisked their passengers back to the larger moon and then returned to investigate.

What they found was small scout or fighter vessel of highly-advanced, obviously alien design. Inside was a Xibalban corpse. Dr. Burrows activated the ship’s systems whereupon a distress beacon began to transmit. The good doctor was able to disable it a short while later.

However, the crew determined that it would be best to depart from the system, and did so while attempting to mask their trail. They set up a rendezvous near the colony ship, and Dr. Burrows stayed back to retrofit the alien craft, now renamed the Weave, and the rest returned to the colony ship to use their hold full of precious metals and luxury goods to purchase a larger ship with a shuttle bay that would carry the Weave. The crew named the new ship the BOB as well.

During the BOB’s sojourn on the colony ship, an unknown person broke into the ship and copied its navigational logs. At the same time, the Weave picked up a Xibalban battlegroup approaching. Cmdr. Nicholas Vitterol (ret.) came up with a plan by which the Weave led the alien fleet to a rendezvous point where it would not detect the colony ship. At that point, the new BOB took the Weave into its shuttle bay, activated its stealth screen, and managed to sneak away.

Atlas Group Session 1
Alpha Aril

Star Date 4300.6.1.1

The Haphazards_ arrived on the edge of the α Aril star system, where its crew picked up the signal emitted by a primitive stellar probe. They determined that the probe is relaying information to Aleafinctus, a small moon resting in the barycenter(astronomy) of the binary gas giants Alea and Finctus. The party decides to approach Aleafinctus to learn more.

As the ship approaches Aleafinctus, the crew detected radio and television transmissions from the moon, and learned that the inhabitants are aliens are an undersea civilization numbering in the billions, and who have a taste for shrill music and colorful, boisterously bizarre entertainment.

The ship enters orbit over the moon, and taps into a signal that the crew of the _Haphazard believe will transmit directly to the Aleafinctan space program. They beam a message, specially prepared in the Aleafinctan style, through this signal only to discover that they in fact have connected to the video-phone of an elderly Aleafinctan and his grandson. They cut the transmission, but learned from planetary news programming that a recording of their transmission has gone viral.


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