Aleafinctans are the inhabitants of Aleafinctus, a small moon located in the barycenter of the binary gas giants Alea and Finctus in the α Aril System.


Aleafinctans are amphibians with a glossy, slimy skin that ranges in color from bright red to a deep purple. They in appearance they have a wide, otter-like face with rounded ears and forearms, but a strong dolphin-like swimming tail. They do not wear clothing, but adorn themselves liberally with gaudy jewelry.

Aleafinctans are separated into two genders, with females of the species carrying their young to term like mammals. Twins are the norm, and single births are viewed as a portentious occasion.


Aleafinctans are extremely playful, seeing almost every situation as a game. While they are aware of the potential for negative long-term consequences for their decisions, they accept such consequences in good spirits. They see such outcomes as a part of the game, and as opportunities for more play.

Aleafinctans are an altruistic people, and suport each other generously. Indeed, generosity itself is seen as an opportunity for play, with Aleafinctans seeking to outdo each other to prove their superiority.


The moon Aleafinctus is governed by a single emperor, whose dynasty has ruled the world for as long as records have been kept. Power is centralized, and Aleafinctans are fine with this, as the empire itself participates in the game of demonstrating its generosity to its people.


The Aleafinctans are presently exploring their solar system, and are on the verge of sending their first manned missions to nearby systems.


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