Alpha Aril

α Aril

α Aril is a yellow star at the center of a small planetary system. Its most notable feature is are the binary gas giants, Alea and Finctus, and the small inhabited moon, Aleafinctus, which rests in the barycenter of, and is tidally locked to, the two planets.


The brightest star in the Aril constellation when viewed from Earth, α Aril and the rest of the stars in its constellation take their name from the Etruscan name for the titan Atlas.


  1. α Aril b, Terrestrial Planet
    1. α Aril b I, Moon
    2. α Aril b II, Moon
  2. α Aril c, Terrestrial Planet
    1. α Aril c I, Moon
  3. Dew Line
  4. α Aril d, Gas Giant
    1. Asteroid Ring
  5. Alea and Finctus, Binary Gas Giants
    1. Aleafinctus, Moon
    2. Asteroid Ring
  6. Frost Line
  7. α Aril f, Gas Giant
    1. Asteroid Ring
  8. Asteroid Field
    1. α Aril MP 2371, Dwarf Planet
    2. α Aril MP 2195, Dwarf Planet
    3. α Aril MP 2260, Dwarf Planet
    4. α Aril MP 2321, Dwarf Planet

Alpha Aril

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