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  1. Aril Cluster Map

Significant Star Systems

  1. α Aril, starting system for Atlas game and homeworld of the Aleafinctans.
  2. β Chalcihuitlicue, starting system for Jaded game and homeworld of the Duendé.
  3. α Bahamut, homeworld of the Greebo.
  4. Other Star Systems

Alien Species

  1. Aleafinctan
  2. Duendé
  3. Greebo
  4. Xibalban
  5. Advorsan
  6. Reynar

Significant Ships

  1. The Horizon Flotilla.
    1. The Horizon.
  2. The Bob and The Weave.
  3. The Haphazard

Campaign Log

  1. Campaign Timeline
  2. Jaded Session 1
  3. Jaded Session 2
  4. Atlas Session 1
  5. Atlas Session 2
  6. Atlas Session 3
  7. Atlas Sessions 4 and 5

Atlas Characters

  1. Ulysses E. Li, a Greebo pilot and trader.
  2. Delicate Orchid Hidden in the Deepest Shadows, uplifted squirrel monkey engineer.
  3. Han Yojimbo, Samurai doctor / Guards the lives of his shipmates / Soul of a poet.
  4. Ren12, an escaped replicant scientist.
  5. Lucius-555, a Jovian miner, a human genetically modified to survive on heavy-gravity worlds.
  6. Johneric, a charismatic pirate and rogue, who is wanted on seven systems.

Jaded Characters

  1. Khan Karnage, a rogue, a rake, and a womanizer with a heart of gold.
  2. Dr. Glenfardas Samuel Burrows, an amoral engineer and survivalist whose spirit guide speaks to him incessantly.
  3. Cmdr. Nicholas Vitterol (ret.), widely regarded as a military hero for a decisive act that he has come to regret.

Important Concepts

  1. Franchise Ship.

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