The Colossus

The Colossus

The Colossus is one of the starcruisers that makes up the Horizon Flotilla. Indira Mohanty is the captain of the ship, an inherited responsibility that she takes seriously. Like the crews of the Goliath and the Maximus, the crew of the Colossus and its support ships is primarily led by officers who inherited their positions. However, the social dynamics on the Colossus are much less rigid than on the other ships, and the ship’s hierarchy is flexible and forgiving. Captain Mohanty does not believe that the fortune of a person’s birth is their destiny and it is possible to rise to the officer corps and it is also possible to fall from it. This alone wins the captain the loyalty of her crew, that loyalty is only reinforced by the captain’s common sense approach to discipline. If a crewman has shown himself to be prepared to face danger when called upon, then the captain is content to let him do as he pleases with the rest of his time, as long as no one else is harmed.

Indira Mohanty

Entering her waning years, Captain Mohanty’s face is etched with decades of determination and care for her crew. She views her role as that of a protector, both of her ship and, more broadly, of the flotilla as a whole. She has little time or interest for political games, and prefers to abstain from the games played by the other captains. She is lenient, even handed, and is motivated by a genuine affection for the people under her command.

Mitul Mohanty

The captain’s eldest son, Mitul has been groomed all his life to replace his mother as captain of the Colossus. He cuts a dashing figure, and is motivated by the affection for his crew that his mother has taught him. However, he is naive, and can fall victim to rote thinking and lack of imagination. While his heart is in the right place, he lacks the experience he needs to truly replace his mother.

Sevak Mohanty

The captain’s younger son, Sevak is charming, talkative, and ambitious. It is no secret that he is jealous of the attention that his brother has received from his mother throughout their lives. He is liberal with his wealth, and for that is beloved among the crew.

The Colossus

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