The Goliath

The Goliath

The Goliath is one of the starcruisers that makes up the Horizon Flotilla. Eric Barron is the captain of this ship and rules it absolute discipline. The ship is commanded by an officer gentry that maintains that discipline among the crew and throughout the support ships, confident that success means that they maintain their position in the eyes of their steely captain, but knowing that failure is met with a loss of rank. The crewman on the ship and its accompanying fleet are known for their smug sense of superiority. Their outward boasts of the abilities of their captain are frequent and grating.

Eric Barron

A man entering his late forties, Eric Barron is a hulking bear of a man, with red hair and beard are streaked with white. He is blunt, tough, and filled with hostility that is masked by self-discipline. It is no secret that Captain Barron believes that he should be the admiral of the flotilla, and he makes a point of letting people know that, just like Admiral Rhône, he is descended from the first captain of the Horizon. He does not appear to care that from a genealogical standpoint his claim to the Horizon is not particularly compelling. However, few are willing to tell him this in any event; a strong believer in reciprocity, the captain always repays what is paid to him whether a slight or a favor. He treats his crew with the same even hand, keeping the same standard of living that they do, and at the same time generously rewarding the absolute discipline and loyalty he demands of them.

Alan Lennon

One of Captain Barron’s chief lieutenants, Alan Lennon is a wiry man with squinty eyes. His precise duties on the Goliath are unclear. However, all of the officers on the ship can appreciate Lennon’s soft-spoken ability to calm the captain during one of his rages.

Gavin Uriah

One of the most feared men in the flotilla, Gavin Uriah is Captain Barron’s enforcer. Having lost an eye, his right arm, and a leg during the Succession Wars, Lieutenant Uriah walks with the aid of a mechanical leg, and sips port from a glass held with his cybernetic claw as he goes about the task of “maintaining discipline.”

The Goliath

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