The Horizon

The Horizon

The Horizon is a human colony ship travelling from Earth. Its ultimate destination is δ Fafnir, a solar twin known to have four Earth-like planets in its habitable zone. The horizon represents the largest human population in the Aril Cluster. As such, the colony ship and its support ships are treated like a planet for trade purposes.

The human civilization aboard the ship is PL 7, with the exception of having access to the Graviton Keel.

The Horizon (PL 7)
Flotilla d8 Unfettered Capitalism d6
Type Colony Ship Population Thousands Port Small City d4
Gravity Standard Atmosphere Standard Nitrogen-Oxygen Hydrography Mildly Humid
IndM Want d6 PrM Want d8 MfG Have d6
LxG Want d10 Fd Want d6 Fl Want d6


The Horizon itself is the flagship of a flotilla of ships, and is controlled by an admiral who is nominally the head of all of the ships in the flotilla. The present admiral, Michael Rhône, is only 17 years old and is the great-grandson of the first captain of the Horizon. The post has become hereditary, and with the exception of a five-year period that ended two years ago, a Rhône has been in charge of the Horizon since the flotilla left Earth. During the brief interregnum, a game of intrigue and infighting among the captains of the starcruisers resulted in the brief reigns of nine different admirals.

Access to the upper levels of the Horizon is tightly controlled, and those areas are efficiently run by corporate officials as a sort of enlightened meritocracy. These levels of the ship house the vast operation that sees to the maintenance of the hibernation pods containing the many thousands of colonists destined for a new home in the δ Fafnir System.

The Horizon is both a capital to the flotilla and a market city. The Franchise Bay is a noisy, chaotic, and dangerous marketplace where goods acquired by franchise ships can be bought and sold. It is alive with intrigue and piracy, and house many exiles from the starcruisers. The admiral and his corporate officers do little to reign in the chaos of this level as long as taxes and fees are paid, leaving franchisees to fend for their own needs in a “state of nature”

Location History

The course taken by the Horizon on its way to δ Fafnir tends to steer clear of other stars when possible. The ship was travelling through the following coordinates on the following Star Dates:

  1. 4300.1.1.1: (-X2, Y3)
  2. 4300.2.1.1: (-X2, Y3)
  3. 4300.3.1.1: (-X2, Y3)
  4. 4300.4.1.1: (-X2, Y3)
  5. 4300.5.1.1: (-X2, Y2)
  6. 4300.6.1.1: (-X2, Y3)
  7. 4300.7.1.1: (-X2, Y3)
  8. 4300.8.1.1: (-X1, Y2)

The Horizon

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