The Maximus

The Maximus

The Maximus is one of the starcruisers that makes up the Horizon Flotilla. The handsome and youthful Darren Avon is the captain of this ship. The Maximus and its support ships are run by an officer gentry that prides itself in its refinement and sophistication. The elegant veneer masks an inflexible and rigid hierarchy that is led firmly by the captain, who is revered as a hero by officer and crewman alike.

Darren Avon

A cunning politician and savvy steward of the power that has descended to him, Captain Avon has a keen eye for opportunity and rarely misses a chance to expand his influence in the flotilla. While he projects an image of impeccable sophistication, temperance, and gentility, anyone who would play the game with him realizes that he is willing to sacrifice any number of pawns to achieve his ends. Specifically, the captain aims to lead the flotilla as admiral in place of his second cousin, Admiral Rhône.

Aubrey Avon

The captain’s twin sister, Aubrey Avon is her brother’s staunchest supporter and he sends her out as an emissary and a negotiator. Beautiful, regal, and yet capable of being disarmingly to-the-point, Aubrey fulfills her role perfectly.

Cheryl Bailey

Captain Avan believes that discipline suffers when commanders give the appearance of untoward closeness to their crew. He relies on Lieutenant Bailey to see to much of the day-to-day maintenance of the Maximus and its support ships, allowing him a freer hand to play politics and keep up appearances. A consummate bureaucrat, Lt. Bailey is bookish and bears an air of exasperation and impatience. She is completely devoted to her captain, but can often miss the forest for its many, many interesting trees.

The Maximus

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