The Xibalbans are aliens from an unknown star system.


Xibalban physiology is based on a decentralized trilaterally-symmetrical body plan. The main body mass of the Xibalban is a three-segmented mantle, akin to that of an octopus or mollusc. They are massive creatures, reaching heights of up to 20 feet.

Upper Segment

The upper segment of the body contains the creature’s reproductive system, which appears to be hermaphroditic. The upper segment also houses a set of three long, whip-like tentacles that are capable of performing fine manipulation.

Middle Segment

The middle segment of the Xibalban body houses the respiratory and circulatory systems. It also houses shorter, set of three thicker tentacles that would seem to have strong gripping power.

Lower Segment

The lower segment of the body houses the Xibalban excretory and digestive systems. The bottom of the body houses a triangular “mouth” that engulfs food and moves it to a digestive sack. Once food is completely digested, it is evacuated through the same orifice. This segment sprouts three thick tentacles appear to be capable of supporting the the full weight of the alien. The tentacles are longer than the mid-segment tentacles.


As no living Xibalbans have been observed, it is unknown how they move.

Neurology and Senses

Little information is available on this subject.

Environmental Needs

Ammonia, rather than water, serves as the solvent in Xibalban biochemistry, and their bodies substitute tin for carbon. As a consequence of these biological differences, Xibalbans are accustomed to an atmosphere of ammonia and carbon monoxide.


There is no information available on this subject.


There is no information available on this subject.


Xibalbans are a PL 8 civilization, and they are capable of interstellar travel.


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